Drug Discovery and Development Approach


The wealth of human tumor genomic data and mechanistic understanding of drivers of disease progression has allowed for the ever more refined stratification of tumor subtypes and disease states enabling unique matching of a given targeted therapy to a patient’s cancer.

This personalized medicine approach coupled with the advanced understanding of the druggable genome and optimization of drug-like compounds enable optimal clinical dose selection based on target modulation and not maximum tolerated dose, yielding safer and more effective therapies.

IDEAYA, with its exceptional executive and drug discovery and development team, strives to be a leader in this “Golden Age” of oncology drug discovery and development with its unique focus on both Synthetic Lethality and Cancer Immunotherapy and agents that have both first and best in class potential.

The emergence of highly efficient genome editing tools allows us to leverage decades of genetic interaction data from model organisms, such as yeast, to identify synthetic lethal combinations in human cancer cells. Mining those data is now highly feasible, and the potential for drug discovery and development is unprecedented. IDEAYA has assembled a team of scientific advisors and scientists with expertise ranging from basic enzymology to quantitative systems biology to yeast and mammalian genetics to clinical research. As such, we are ideally situated to realize this potential.

John Petrini, Ph.D.Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, IDEAYA SAB Member